The Great Giveaway: 100 METALGEAR 5CS Screen Protector

Sep. 12, 2014MIAMIThe Great Giveaway: 100 METALGEAR 5CS

METALGEAR is giving away 100 METALGEAR 5CS screen protectors for iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, and iPhone 5s.

The METALGEAR 5CS contains 3 HD (High Definition) Premium Ultra Clear screen protectors. “The METALGEAR 5CS is simply the best quality screen protector in the market,” said the METALGEAR management.

This is a chance for METALGEAR fans to spread the word to their families and friends about this amazing product.

Follow this link: METALGEAR VIP Club on the METALGEAR website to enter. This is a limited time offer. Those interested on this giveaway must go to the link now and follow the simple instructions and give themselves a chance to win a METALGEAR 5CS.


The Best Screen Protectors On Planet Earthâ„¢

METALGEAR is committed on building top quality products coupled with best customer service. METALGEAR products such as the HD Clear iPhone 5 / 5c / 5s Screen Protector was not only made to keep your phones look brand new, but also to protect your valuable investment.

For all METALGEAR updates and promotions, visit METALGEAR Screen Protectors.

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